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About Walking With Daddy

About Walking With Daddy

Walking With Daddy is a blog about the great outdoors, the climate crisis and raising the next generation to understand about the role that nature plays in their lives.

It’s written by a 40-something father of two girls, living on the south coast, not terribly far from Brighton.

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Osprey Chat

This site is also host to the winter home of the Loch Arkaig nest-watching community. During the months when the Woodland Trust livestream chat isn't available, that community is welcome to discuss things here!

Osprey Chat
A home for migratory osprey fanatics.

Key posts

One Man Walking; or The Accidental Flâneur
Self-knowledge is the hardest wisdom to acquire, but acting on that knoweldge can be even harder.
Welcome to Walking With Daddy
An introduction to my new blog — Walking With Daddy.