Welcome to Walking With Daddy

I just realised — to my surprise and mild horror — that I registered this domain over five years ago. My eldest daughter was starting to walk, and I knew that I wanted to do my very best to instill a love of nature and the great outdoors in her, if I could. I bagged this domain name, with great plans for getting the site going…

…and then the reality of parenthood hit.

My time vanished, and I barely kept my "professional public face" blog alive.

And then…

A few years on, I now have a second daughter, and my commitment to getting them out of doors is as strong as ever. And, as my youngest starts school, I finally have the time to actually get this blog going at long last.

So, welcome to Walking With Daddy. Two girls. One Dad. A long-suffering wife.

And a whole world to explore.

Please join us.

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About Adam Tinworth

  • The South Coast
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