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Surfers Against Sewage protest: Kingston Beach

People in Shoreham and Southwick have had enough. Southern Water can't keep throwing sewage into our seas.

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The Surfers Against Sewage protest on Kingston Beach

It has not been a good month in our neck of the woods. Southern Water has exceeded itself with the amount of sewage it has been chucking into our seas. In fact, between Christmas and now, they've spent 300 hours putting sewage direct into the sea.

200 hours of that were from a single overflow:

Not surprisingly, many of us have had enough. I was too ill to go — but my wife and daughters headed down to Kingston Beach to join in the Surfers Against Sewage protest there, organised by our local group. And here are some photos she took:

And here's a video news report on the protest:

Shoreham and its neighbours have always been sea-focused communities. But the sheer incompetence of Southern Water is forcing us all out of the sea.

This can't go on.

Other coverage:

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