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Weekend Nature Reads: the “good news, bad news” edition

Some curl-up-with-a-drink photography, reading and viewing on nature, the climate crisis and our role in it, to see you through a cold weekend.

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Weekend Nature Reads: the “good news, bad news” edition

Sadly, this week's selection of reading is a bit of a roller-coaster, with some good news and some very bad news. I'll leave you with good stuff, though. I promise

Where's there's insight, there's hope

For anyone interested in ecosystem renewal in the UK, the clash between the shooting industry and the conservation volunteers has been a constant point of disquiet. The two sides seem unable to find any compromise.

In that context, this article from someone deeply involved in shooting, is an unexpected read:

The release of sixty million game birds is a greater biomass than that of all the other British birds. It is a vast number. We must cut back to a number that is both equal to the demand for dead game and beneficial rather than damaging to the environment.

Found via the Wild Justice newsletter, which is well worth a subscribe:

Newsletter - Wild Justice
Get in touch and find out how you can help Wild Justice do more for the environment

The fish are suffocating

This is a depressing and alarming read. The ocean is being deoxygenated by climate change, and that has horrible consequences for marine life.

It's a reminder of why “climate change” is a better phrase than “global warming”, as the impacts are more complex and systemic than the latter phrase implies.  

The Ocean Is Having Trouble Breathing
A drop in oxygen levels is putting ocean ecosystems on life support.

But the Kelp is coming back

It's all too easy to slip into something of a despair spiral when reading about nature news. However, once in a while there is some genuine good news and, excitingly, this good news is happening very close to where I live.

Just over a year ago, bottom-towed trawling was banned in a cluster of areas just off the Sussex coast. The region is being closely monitored to see if the kelp beds start to recover (spoilers: they are), and if that leads to an increase of fish and other species. Now, read on:

Sussex Kelp Anniversary | Sussex Wildlife Trust

Yes, this is absolutely good news, even if it's somewhat provisional. But here's a video exploring it in much more detail:

The plastic in us

How many banned chemicals could be found in the body of a heavily pregnant woman? Too many, as this video makes clear. (Told you that this was going to be a roller-coaster of good and bad news.)

Good news chasers

Let's finish with some good news. First up, walking is really good for you — especially in middle age. And yes, there's science behind it:

Why walking is the best midlife exercise
Could a daily walk be even better for our health than we thought? Scientists have discovered some remarkable benefits — several new studies show that walking no

Looks like I'm helping myself as much as my girls by dragging them out for walks…

And could you imagine going for a walk, and coming across this incredible hiking lodge, designed by the architect Gaudí, better known for his work in Barcelona?

A Strange Abandoned Hiking Lodge No One Knew was Designed by Gaudi Himself
The world’s greatest artists aren’t supposed to have their work overlooked or unattributed, but it happens more than you might think. In museums, private collections, and public spaces, there is a myriad of artworks that remain unidentified. It took years for a total of nine Van Gogh ‘fakes’ painted…

I think visiting that just went on my bucket list…

Cold views for a cold weekend

Those of you in the UK will know how unseasonably bitter it's been for the last couple of days. Well, it's a good excuse to look at this stunning photography from an expedition in the Cairngorms.

blue skies and snow blankets - Rachel Sarah
The sky is becoming a little less blue, minute by minute, as the vibe from bluebird day begins to change. As we head down the clouds begin to roll in, whipping up the snow around us and pushing us sideways as we head back down to the car park, the view of Loch Morlich still visible through dancing p…

Let's hope next week brings us an excuse for more spring-like content…

And finally…

Some gentle boat action from the harbour near me:

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