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Making nature routine

I'm trying to enjoy nature in small doses every day. And I started with my girls, after school.

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Making nature routine

We went walking on the beach last night.

Not for long.

Not very far.

But we went - and that's the main thing.

Astonishingly, it's ridiculously easy to become complacent about living three minutes' walk from the beach. It's easy to slip back into a trip into nature being a thing. Something you have to arrange. Something you have to make time for.

Not yesterday. Instead, I picked the girls up from school, walked to the postbox to post our letters to Father Christmas, and then on to the beach.

We weren't there long. Homework and dinner and bed all beckoned. But it was nice just to relax, hear the sea, and feel the sea breeze on our faces.

Nice enough, in fact, that I managed a quick beach walk again today, before picking the girls up from school. And I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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