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Weekend Nature Digest #3

Another selection of reading and viewing from around the web for your weekend pleasure.

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Weekend Nature Digest #3

Scotland's survivor tree is getting new friends

This is a simply beautiful wee film. Lovely use of drone footage to give you a powerful sense of place:

You can read more about Scotland's tree of the year, which is no longer as lonely as it once was. (And people who follow this site because of the osprey connection might recognise one of the faces in the video…)

Rewilding Scotland

I watched the premiere of this online, and the girls unprompted joined me and grew quite excited about the idea. My eldest has been talking a lot about it since.

As for me, I miss Scotland.

I've only been back once in the last decade. Seeing an old school friend reading for Gray Day made me determined to visit again as soon as the pandemic allows.

The Cost of Reintroductions

Before we leave Scotland, here's a piece challenging some of the enthusiasm for reintroductions, in aid of balance, if nothing else:

THE WINGS OF CHANGE | Storytelling | SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Cornwall & the Climate Crisis

Heading to the other end of the country, this short film about Cornwall and the climate crisis is well worth your time:

The launch event had some interesting talks. You can catch up on it online, too.

A few worthwhile reads

Observing nature in your backyard is not dull but radically significant | Psyche Ideas
Instead of ‘helicopter science’, we need Gilbert White’s intimate study of nature to understand global environmental change
Forests Absorb Twice As Much Carbon As They Emit Each Year
New data maps global carbon flux in forests, allowing us to quantify CO2 emissions and sequestration in areas ranging from local forests to countries to continents.
The power of forest bathing - Ramblers
The Ramblers - Britain’s walking charity working to protect and expand the places people love to walk and promote walking for health and pleasure. Walking information, advice and campaigns, walking news and events, group led walks and an online library of walking routes.
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