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Blustery Beach Cleaning

Well, it was a nice idea, wasn't it? But nature isn't all pretty sunsets and fresh breezes.

I decided to follow-up yesterday's beach walk with a quick stroll after dropping the girls in school. And… well, the weather was somewhat less conducive:

Still, it wasn't bad weather because I was wearing appropriate clothing, so I decided to do a 2 minute beach clean. I've been a fan of the concept since I encountered it, and the girls and I try to do one at least once a week.

For example:

And there was plenty to find today. I suspect the stormy weather was bringing more up the beach than normal:

Picking plastic rope off the beach

After a little over the standard two minutes (I think I did about 10), this was my haul:

My haul of plastic from the beach

Time to toughen up, Adam. Get used to the blustery beach walk — and do some good while you're out there.

(Also: I redesigned the site. What do you think?)

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