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Weekend Nature Reads #2

Some good nature reading and viewing for nature lovers, and the outdoor bound.

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Weekend Nature Reads #2

Stressed and in need of nature? Listen to a forest

This is a lovely idea — the recorded sound of forest to listen to. Lovely for lockdown, and great to write to, amazingly! – Tune Into Forests From Around The World 🌳🔈
People around the world recorded the sounds of their forests, so you can escape into nature, while in lockdown or unable to travel. Use this site to chill, meditate or do some digital shinrin-yoku.

Why soil matters

Phoebe is a Guardian journalist, and a former student of mine. I'm really enjoying the series of videos she's doing on Twitter, and this one is about soil:

An Ocean Plastic Warrior

As someone who is (was?) a journalist, and who trains them, it's somewhat humbling that some of the best reporting on people who are campaigning for change is coming from the marketing sector. I really enjoyed watching this short documentary about one such person:

Here's some more information about Emily.

Taking on big business over plastic

Talking of anti-plastic campaigners, here's a profile of another one.

Introducing Ella Daish: Friend of 2 Minute
Welcome to the first article in the Friends of 2 Minute interview series! My name is Lottie and I am the Communications Coordinator here at The 2 Minute Foundation. We will be catching up with an i…

Jo is Brave Enough

Jo Mosely hit her late 40s and a mid-life crisis. She just wasn't happy — and found a renewed joy in life through a connection to nature. The interview with her on the Outdoors Fix podcast is well worth a listen.

Her coast-to-coast paddle-boarding adventure is the subject of a new movie, which is premiering online over the next few weeks.

Am I Excited? Yes! Terrified? Yes! Grateful? Very!
I’m thrilled and proud to share that Brave Enough - A Journey Home to Joy has a trailer and a date for the premiere screening in February! Together, Frit Sarita Tam of Passion Fruit Pictures and I are inching close to sharing this creative labour of love with the world. Picture credit: Frit Sarita T…

The filmmaker — Frit Sara Tam — is an old acquaintance of mine. She filmed Hazel and I for an advert many years ago. She's rebooted her life, too, as an outdoors-centric filmmaker. Here's the trailer:

All three premieres are currently sold out — so hopefully there will be another opportunity soon.

A Small Dose of Hope

Cutting down on plastic is one thing. Finding something to do with the plastic that's already in circulation is quite another. This gives me some hope:

Turning Plastic Waste Into Bricks Stronger Than Concrete
Materials engineer Nzambi Matee has started a company in her native Kenya manufacturing paving bricks made from plastic waste an


A moment of beach beauty from me to conclude

Nature Reads

Adam Twitter

A middle-aged Dad, coping with a mid-life crisis, but enjoying life with his two wonderful daughters.


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